On to Costa Rica

When we settled on going the Costa Rica, we had looked at Guatemala. Costa Rica really looked wonderful in the internet connections and sites I went to. I had followed one persons adventure from thought to finish with his retirement there. His name was Andy Brown, I hope he doesn’t mind me using his name but his journey was wonderfully documented and made you want to follow suit. Some of the tours provided looked wonderful. The more I read the more I got the feeling that Gringo’s seemed to be the only ones profiting from the tourists except of course rental units and restaurants.The sites I went to were mainly advertising things that would make the site owner money from tourists. To be fair it was probably because I didn’t go to Spanish sites and why blog if you don’t want to make money. I started getting some of the English on line newspapers and was really surprised by the amount of ” opportunity crime”, by this I mean people getting money and coming out of a bank or leaving something unattended for a micro second. Home invasions etc. The crimes usually were done with a firearm, there even were many home invasions all around the country, The mention of Drugs, was in many cases paramount. I also went to our government and the US government sites and Costa Rica was mentioned as a threat area for travel. Many of the “YouTube” submissions were not flattering.  I did a small comment on the AM Costa Rica news Paper site and was jumped on by a couple of disgruntled expats that only wanted to correct my terminology and to state that drugs are a major problem all over the world.I already knew that but only wanted to be comfortable and safe when I go on vacation for a few months. By the way, don’t trust the airline booking business that I blogged on previously. They never did give me a heads up on a cheap booking. I saved more money than they could have given me by booking directly with COPA .

The rentals in Costa Rica were for the most very high and I am sure comparable to say Florida or other worldly travel areas. I have to travel very far at a very high cost and I still am paying mortgage or rent where I live the rest of the year in the winter. All costs of the home base are much higher in the winter. I know “wait until you turn your collar around an get out the violin”. It is for this reason that we look for a lower cost of accommodations so that we can travel around and see the wonderful country. We didn’t get a very warm and fuzzy feeling about Costa Rica.

We then thought “What the hell do we do now?? “. I saw where many Costa Rica Expats were moving on to Panama and wondered why. In my next blog I will tell you about my investigation.


Hello world!

Welcome to our Journalist Blog. To Journal is to do a blow by blow editorial of happenings as they occur. I will try and do that.

This first effort is of our journey to Panama. It did not start out as Panama but to Lake Chapala Mexico. In April or May I started planning for the next winters escape.We had been to several places in Mexico and had a great and safe time in all the places. We were in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Chetumal, Ajijic,Chapala, San Miguel De Allende. We decided to give Lake Chapala another chance. I also decided to drive down so we could explore areas around Ajijic and Guadalajara. It was about this time that the news of the murders, robberies and Drug problems in Mexico started to really increase in frequency. I zeroed in to exit the USA into Juarez Mexico and drive south to Guadalajara. The more I read on the internet and newspapers the more I thought the 12 hour drive to that city would be out of the question. We seriously considered flying into Guadalajara but I then read about the police chief and two of his officers being found in a shallow grave after arresting a cartel member on suspicion of drugs. I read on a blog or two about the road between Guadalajara and Lake Chapala being road blocked by bandits and a few occasions of house invasions in the area. This was more than I wanted to risk, playing Russian roulette with our lives was not on my agenda. We canned the trip to Mexico and turned our sights farther south, What about Coast Rica?