On to Costa Rica

When we settled on going the Costa Rica, we had looked at Guatemala. Costa Rica really looked wonderful in the internet connections and sites I went to. I had followed one persons adventure from thought to finish with his retirement there. His name was Andy Brown, I hope he doesn’t mind me using his name but his journey was wonderfully documented and made you want to follow suit. Some of the tours provided looked wonderful. The more I read the more I got the feeling that Gringo’s seemed to be the only ones profiting from the tourists except of course rental units and restaurants.The sites I went to were mainly advertising things that would make the site owner money from tourists. To be fair it was probably because I didn’t go to Spanish sites and why blog if you don’t want to make money. I started getting some of the English on line newspapers and was really surprised by the amount of ” opportunity crime”, by this I mean people getting money and coming out of a bank or leaving something unattended for a micro second. Home invasions etc. The crimes usually were done with a firearm, there even were many home invasions all around the country, The mention of Drugs, was in many cases paramount. I also went to our government and the US government sites and Costa Rica was mentioned as a threat area for travel. Many of the “YouTube” submissions were not flattering.  I did a small comment on the AM Costa Rica news Paper site and was jumped on by a couple of disgruntled expats that only wanted to correct my terminology and to state that drugs are a major problem all over the world.I already knew that but only wanted to be comfortable and safe when I go on vacation for a few months. By the way, don’t trust the airline booking business that I blogged on previously. They never did give me a heads up on a cheap booking. I saved more money than they could have given me by booking directly with COPA .

The rentals in Costa Rica were for the most very high and I am sure comparable to say Florida or other worldly travel areas. I have to travel very far at a very high cost and I still am paying mortgage or rent where I live the rest of the year in the winter. All costs of the home base are much higher in the winter. I know “wait until you turn your collar around an get out the violin”. It is for this reason that we look for a lower cost of accommodations so that we can travel around and see the wonderful country. We didn’t get a very warm and fuzzy feeling about Costa Rica.

We then thought “What the hell do we do now?? “. I saw where many Costa Rica Expats were moving on to Panama and wondered why. In my next blog I will tell you about my investigation.


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