Boquete Panama 2012

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On the 13th there was a flower show in town and we went and there were beautiful flowers and vendors selling many things such as jewelry and trinkets.


We met up with a couple that we had met a few days before Gord and Chery Wile from B.C. We told them we would meet them for dinner later at the Baru restaurant. I ordered the Octopus Appetizer and Betty ordered the trout Appetizer , the octopus sucked it was awful. The evening was going good until half way through the meal when the cold wind came up with colder rain. I was not dressed for it and was freezing. We walked home in the rain and was soaking wet and cold. I immediately send an Email to the Hotel Milan and the taxi driver Roger.

Saturday we walked into town and bought a few groceries, the streets were crowded for the flower show which lasts 10 days We were warned that there were many pick pockets in town so watch your purses. I didn’t carry anything .

Sunday we again woke to rain and the power went out for a few hours. We phoned the kids when the power came back on had lunch and watched a movie on our little laptop.

Monday for a change it was raining wasn’t that novel. We needed groceries so when we had an hour of sunshine we went in but had fierce cold winds. We stopped for lunch at a little bar at the top of the town just before the gated community. We continued to the casita and it started raining again when we were just about home.

Tuesday morning we went down to the Expats meeting Market we bought coffee beans to take home to people. The coffee in Panama so far is really good. We bought some stone baked bread and a few books. The lecture was by Tom McKinnon and it was,” How to Get along with Gringos, live among them and speak their language”. It was a very interesting lecture after which we went to a restaurant, had lunch a coffee and went back home. On the way the clouds came back down into the valley and it got very chilly again. We have nothing planned tomorrow but have the clay course on Thursday.

On Wednesday we walked into town and it wasn’t a bad day we stopped at an outdoor style restaurant and met a couple from Texas Linda and Steve Ayers that were renting a house in Boquete and seriously thinking of moving. Steve however was sick possibly from mold in a place that they previously had rented. They were very nice and invited us for a drive around the area on Sunday.

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