Panama (continued) January 2012

On the other side through the Exit door, the taxi driver that our landlady had promised, was there with a name sign. Before exiting the building we spotted a sign between the final exit doors that in fact held the form that you get to be eligible for the 30days of free health coverage while in panama for tourists. So many people missed the desk but we were able to get the insurance.

The Taxi Drivers name was Roger and he had been driving in Panama City for Dottie for many years. He was completely trustworthy and spoke English very well. He took us to our hotel, Hotel Milan it was inexpensive and clean. .The Assistant manager at the time was Ana Carballeda she spoke English and was really nice. There was a restaurant in the hotel and we had a couple of beers with Roger. His name is actually Roger Rogelia and his Email is his cell is 6717-6745 he promised to pick us up in the morning and take us to the Bus terminal. We were tired from our flight and hit the sack at 9:00 pm

We were up and ready to go at 5:30AM. Thank God that Roger was already downstairs waiting for us. The city streets at that time of morning are crazy and no one gives anyone an inch. Cars are constantly cutting you off. We arrived at the bus terminal and it also was a zoo. Roger walked with us to the terminal and to the area to buy a ticket and where to wait. We both think he was a really good driver and not expensive. The hotel was also worth the money. We hoped to stay there on the way back. The bus left Panama City for David (Da vid) at 7:20 and stopped for half an hour at noon. Arrived in David at 3:15 PM .This was in total about an 8 hour bus ride. The terminal there is very small and we didn’t know what Dottie looked like. When I saw a lady parking a red Isuzu truck and walking across the parking lot I knew it was her. She was very nice and took us for groceries as she had told us by Email. We also picked up a phone and then on to the Casita. It was small but very clean with a kitchen eating area, bedroom, bath, and closet. It was just what we needed and it was a separate building on her property which was in a very large gated community.

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