Trip to Boquete Panama January 2012


It’s 4:30 am and we were picked up by taxi and transported to Toronto International Airport. Checked in at the COPA Airlines desk. We took off at about 10 am after a very long unexplained wait. The aircraft was a typical vacation craft with the seats closer to each other than they should be. When the guy in front of me put his seat back he was in my lap and I had to turn my legs to one side or the other which was uncomfortable. We were served a fair lunch and several drinks which made the flight seem shorter than the five and a half hours in the air.

Panama City at 3:30 PM in January is now where to be coming from a cool country. When we disembarked from the aircraft it was like walking into a furnace. The humidity was off the chart and there were so many people going in so many directions you could have easily got lost in the traffic. We noticed a couple of people we knew were on the plane and followed them to the immigration lineups. Yes there were four very long packed lineups and about 6 or 8 immigration desks. There was a person directing traffic at every two lines. The one in charge of our line seemed to be taking two or three persons from the other line instead of taking every other one from our line. It is their system so we just grin and bare it. The immigration took about 40 minutes then we had to go find our bags that had been inspected and sniffed with drug dogs. After searching a large area with a multitude of baggage we found our sin two separate areas and then headed for Customs. We baggage were placed into very large x ray machines and inspected The carry baggage was opened and inspected carefully.

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