What the F@ Continued again !!

I will say at this point that every Doctor and every nurse that I saw, treated me, or talked to was very very professional polite and well trained. The problem with the hospital is the administration trying to maximize their profits at the expense of the patient comfort.The doctors as soon as they looked at my condition told me that as soon as a bed was available in intensive care I would be moved up there. As the time passed I saw many many patients come into emergency that were obviously in worse shape than I was.After about six or seven hours I came to realize I would not be going anywhere.I asked a nurse about intensive care and he said that there were not very many beds in that section and that most of the rest of the hospital was private and semi-private.The price of these rooms are out of the reach of most patients unless their insurances was able to cover the cost or they were well off. The average person is SOL (shit outa luck), that is why I believe that there are so many emergency beds.The number of heart patients I believe is rather large in comparison to the numbers of heart doctors. They are all in the hospital early in the morning and work until well into the night. They all also have a life or office or both to attend to. I don’t think it allows for much me time.I waited until nine pm which was in the 37th hour of my stay there without any sleep. They said the cardiologist was still in the hospital but I was in agony and very frustrated so I signed a waiver and discharged myself.

I don’t know if that was the wisest decision but Betty drove me home I took my pain pills and slept for fifteen hours straight. It was the first time in many years that I had slept more than two or three hours at a time. Well I am out of the hospital and told them that I would rather die than ever go back to emergency again,I meant it. The journey now begins to find the answers that I seek.

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