What the F@ continued !!!

I did drive down with my wife all worried to the brand new hospital in St Catharines Ontario.The cardiologist said he would inform the Emergency that I was arriving for another ECG

When I arrived I went to one of the three wickets.She informed me I had to go to the Triage wicket. I didn’t even know what Triage was.The lady there had someone in with her and after about three minutes she approached me and ask what I wanted. She, pardon the comparison, looked much like a stripper. Short skirt, neck open blouse, and heavy makeup with eyelashes about an inch long and heavy eye shadow. She asked me a series of questions and my health card. She then sent me back to the waiting area About ten minutes later a door marked triage opened and a person called my name. I went in and answered another series of questions many similar to the previous interview. She sent e out to wait again this time for about fifteen minutes. One or two people were so sick they were laying don on the benches in the waiting room without much sympathy or action. I was called up to one of the three glass interview windows and asked many of the same questions, she types out the info and made invoices on everything then snapped an armband on me. I went and set down for another ten or fifteen minutes then a lady came out with a wheelchair and wheeled me into the emergency area and into a bed. I was hooked up to all kinds of gadgets and me blood pressure pulse rate and 6 or 8 probes attached to my chest. After an hour or so three cardiologists came and looked at my readings and seemed to be marveling at the scope readings, almost like wondering why I was still alive. They had me move forward several times and pointed to the scope saying see that? I didn’t have a clue what was up and they said something about the electrical system. They took away all my pills and did their own pill system with was almost nothing. I didn’t have my normal pain medication for severe back pains. I laid there the rest of the night Betty left and went home.They attached a bag of Potassium and did a drip into my blood system through my hand. No one else came and I was in sever pain all night. I laid awake all night in agony I asked for sleeping pill but none seemed to have been authorized.

I watched each hour pass and could not sleep. In the morning the breakfast was awful and I didn’t eat much at all. I went to the bathroom  to urinate several times which was down the hall. The nurses unplugged me. The toilet paper is one ply and is transparent. It is the cheapest they possibly could find. the bed potties were made of recycled paper. There are no showers or baths in emergency. They came and threw a box of wet wipes in the bed table. The emergency has at least two sections the section I was in had at least 25 beds arrange in stalls off of the main hall in the circle or u shape. there is a nurses station at each end. I will go on with this description in my next post  It gets worse.

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