What the F@ is going on!

We Arrived home this year from our winter stay in Florida. We had a wonderful time there and my health was great and I felt super for an old guy. Shortly after arriving home at 218 lbs I decided to shed a lot of it. We looked up Paleo and it sounded like the perfect solution. It was easy to do and soon I was feeling even better and loosing a great deal of weight. After only a month I was down into the 190’s and I felt even better than before. For many years I have only slept an average of 5.5 hours per night and now I wanted to get to 8 hours if possible. I had also a great deal of pain in my back. The doctor put me on pills that were supposed to turn off the pain areas of my brain. they didn’t do anything dramatic but I used them anyways. On one Doctors visit I ask him to possibly send me for an ECG so I could find out how my Double Bypass of 4 years ago was doing. I went and got the ECG at eleven o’clock one morning at about 2pm I received a call from the head cardiologist in our new hospital asking me to go into emergency asap to have another ECG he didn’t quite like the results on the one I did.

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