On to Panama !

If we go any farther down south we are liable to end up in Cape Horn. Well I did a lot of research on Panama and I think we found one of the probably main great places to spend the winter months. It is a village in the mountains above David. It is called Boquete. There are many expats there but I don’t think it has been totally converted to an image of a Canadian or American city as of yet. we have rented a place there for three and possibly four months. We hope it is all we think it is. I did screw up, as usual and it cost us a lot of money. I hope Betty will forgive me someday. I reserved return flight via One Travel , also called cheap flights, and tlc@onetravel.com. It was booked and solid but then I did a dangerous thing, I started to think, What if we make it for four months instead of three. I called The booking agent and got a nice chap named Tony Kalhoff,I think that was his name I aask him about changing the return date. He ask his supervisor and they decided to save me money I should cancel my reservations. He didn’t quite make it clear what all the implications were. I could hear the boss in the background telling Tony that I could call back in October around the 15th and get a flight around the same time for about 500 dollars less than I paid for my tickets. He gave me his Email address and told me to call around that time and he would start looking for the best and cheapest non stop flight around January first.I ask him if he was absolutely sure and he said he was, so I agreed and cancelled. Well it cost me 70 dollars up front and another 250 penalty. Hey but if I got it in October for 500 cheaper I still would be ahead – right?

We moved to a one floor condo on the first of October so it was helter-skelter until about the 10th of October. I got in touch with Tony via Email and he said to email him when we are ready to order and he would start looking. We on the 15th of October I sent him a very nice email telling him about all the shit I was in for cancelling the ticket While Betty was away visiting the grand kiddies. I NEVER EVEN GOT A REPLY. I was in turmoil for the next week and even emailed him again. I never did even get a reply. I realize now that they must have got some bonus out of me cancelling my flight. I shall never order through them again.

I took matters in my own hands finally and logged one the COPAAIR web site. I found the flight on an earlier date than my original flight for the same price as my original flight and booked it. I did loose the amount for cancelling my flight but at least we are on again. I told our land lady in Boquete that we had booked again and she arranged for us to be met in Panama City airport and taken to a hotel for the night and picked up again in the morning to take us to the bus stop for a 5.5 hour bus ride to David. We have booked a room at the Hotel Milan in Panama City. I will let you all know how things work out and how are stay is in Boquete. Oh and I promise to start having pictures and videos attached to my entries.



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