Hello world!

Welcome to our Journalist Blog. To Journal is to do a blow by blow editorial of happenings as they occur. I will try and do that.

This first effort is of our journey to Panama. It did not start out as Panama but to Lake Chapala Mexico. In April or May I started planning for the next winters escape.We had been to several places in Mexico and had a great and safe time in all the places. We were in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Chetumal, Ajijic,Chapala, San Miguel De Allende. We decided to give Lake Chapala another chance. I also decided to drive down so we could explore areas around Ajijic and Guadalajara. It was about this time that the news of the murders, robberies and Drug problems in Mexico started to really increase in frequency. I zeroed in to exit the USA into Juarez Mexico and drive south to Guadalajara. The more I read on the internet and newspapers the more I thought the 12 hour drive to that city would be out of the question. We seriously considered flying into Guadalajara but I then read about the police chief and two of his officers being found in a shallow grave after arresting a cartel member on suspicion of drugs. I read on a blog or two about the road between Guadalajara and Lake Chapala being road blocked by bandits and a few occasions of house invasions in the area. This was more than I wanted to risk, playing Russian roulette with our lives was not on my agenda. We canned the trip to Mexico and turned our sights farther south, What about Coast Rica?